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October 2001

On October 7th, Johannes Somary conducted his choir and chamber orchestra, Amor Artis, at the Clemens Center to commemorate our 50th anniversary.  Two weeks earlier, he was seen on national television for a memorial service at the Yankee stadium.  He was appointed organist at St. Patrick's cathedral recently.  The monks sang the divine office of None at the beginning of the concert.  We heard Renaissance music and pieces by Mozart, including the Coronation Mass.  The local newspaper, The Star-Gazette, had two articles on the monastery: a report on the guesthouse and an interview with Br. James Cronen and Br. Pierre.  Br. John received our new cider press and put it to work to fill up hundreds of gallons that we keep frozen until they are needed through the year.
A large crowd attended the solemn profession of Br. William Uiting on October 13th.  He invited friends from the Catholic Workers and neighbors for this happy occasion.  The picture shows him during the ceremony surrounded by the community.

Judge John T. NoonanLecture by Judge John T. Noonan:
On October 16th,  John T. Noonan Jr. gave the ninth in our 50th Anniversary series of talk.  He is a prolific writer as well as a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He holds a PhD in philosophy from Catholic University in addition to his law degree from Harvard.  Under the title "Ways of Encounter" (with God), Judge Noonan reflected on the personal development of his own spirituality.  While our hearing God speak to us is something immaterial and metaphorical, there can be a real encounter, especially in the Eucharist but even in the "I absolve you" of confession and the familiar Our Father and Hail Mary and the prayers of the Mass.  On the experience of God working to human beings, Judge Noonan mentioned his experience at Vatican II, where the give and take of 2000 bishops represented a demythologized church."  And he cited the influence of John Courtney Murray on his thinking on the relation of church and state (which is reflected in Noonan's recent  book "The Lustre of Our Country").  The picture shows Dr. Anthony Ciccariello from Elmira, Judge Noonan, Fr. Martin and Ben Boynton from Ithaca.

Lecture by Fr. David Burrell, C.S.C
On October 21st. Fr. Burrell, Theodore Hesburgh Professor in Philosophy and Theology at Notre Dame University talked about the life of Edith Stein and the influence of St. John of the Cross on her view of faith as a form of knowledge.  Fr. Burrell spends part of each year at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem and has written extensively on Islamic philosophy and theology.  It was not surprising, given the tragedy of September 11th, that the lively and informative question and answer period turned on the history of and  current situation in the Middle East and Afghanistan.
The picture shows Fr. Burrell with Dr. Ken Meyer from Sayre PA and Thomas Badalian from Manorville NY.

Coming Events:
Sunday, November 11th at 4:30pm, Dr. Anthony Cernera.  He is president of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.  He received his doctorate from Fordham University and his latest publication is "Vatican II: The Continuing Agenda."

Sunday, November 18th at 4:30pm.  Sr Camille d'Arienzo, RSM.   She is president of the Brooklyn Regional Community, Sisters of Mercy; and president of  the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  Sr. Camille holds a PhD in Communications from the University of Michigan and co-authored a popular text: "Writing Scripts for Television, Radio and Film."  She is a professor in the Television and Radio Department of Brooklyn College and has written articles for America, Commonweal and other journals.

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