Concelebration, Aug. 6thMount Saviour Monastery

August 2001

On the first week-end of August, we received some of our former monks to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  It was a way to reminisce the founding years with stories and pictures.  On Monday, August 6th, Bishop Matthew Clark presided at the liturgy with many concelebrants: Fr. Ronald Raila, Fr. Alexis Foyo, Fr. Nathan Munsch, Abbot Joel from Newton NJ, Msgr. Benedict Tighe, Fr. James Kelly, Fr. Martin and others.  The day ended with a picnic and the visit of Abbot Charles Wright from Oceanside CA.

Bishop Joseph GerryDedication Day:
This annual event occurred on August 19th with a large attendance at mass presided by Bishop Joseph Gerry, bishop of Portland, Maine, and former Abbot of St.Anselm, Manchester, New Hamshire. A brunch was served followed by music performed by Claire Gonta, Bethany Kowalik and Mark Spicer on the piano.  Thomas Gonta played the Irish bag pipe.  Philip Smock and William Groome played the classic guitar.

Coming Events:
Sunday, September 16th at 4:30pm, Sidney Callahan.  She is a very popular speaker and long-time columnist for Commonweal magazine.  She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr and received her doctorate in psychology from City University of New York. Her books include "The Working Mother," "Parenting: Principles and Politics of Parenthood," "With All Our Heart and Mind: The Spiritual Works of Mercy in a Psychological Age," "Parents Forever: You and Your Adult Children," and with her husband Dan, "Abortion:Understanding Differences."

Sunday, September 30th at 4:30 pm, Sr. Marie Julianne Farrington, SSMN. She is the General Superior of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur. She has lectured and guided retreats in the US, Canada, South America, Africa Europe and Britain.  She was a friend of Rev. Fr. Damasus and the Sisters maintained a retreat house on the monastery grounds (at St. James) and organized Summer conferences for religious there for a number of years.

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