Painting 2001 by Br. Luke PapeMount Saviour Monastery

February 2001

The first day of the month began with the celebration of the 91 st. birthday of Br. Luke.  Since he cannot grow flowers during the winter months, he paints them.  We are pleased to show you his latest painting with the proviso: 'not for sale'.  On Febr. 8th, the donkeys showed their skills at protecting the sheep when 2 dogs entered the field.  They gathered the sheep in a circle and charged towards the invaders.  Br. John caught the dogs and the SPCA took over the rescue mission.  Groups rented the guest house: Nazareth College in Rochester, Cornell Catholic Community from Ithaca and the Sisters of St. Joseph from Rochester.  The Sisters have established the custom of inviting the monks for a meal while they are here; it is a good occasion to share thoughts on religious life in a changing world.  On Febr. 16th, Fr. Martin attended the annual meeting of the American Abbots and Priors in Oceanside CA.  The last day of the month is the beginning of Lent with its special characters: different melodies and ritual at the liturgy, modified diet and behavior.

Sculpture by Frederick FranckSculpture by Frederick Franck:
On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, the Company at Kirkrige gave us a sculpture, entitled Death and Resurrection, on the lawn between the monastery and the men's guest house.  They wanted to express their appreciation for being a "wonderful and gracious host" over the years.  The Dutch-American artist is known for his books, drawings, paintings and sculptures.  His works allowed him to meet luminaries of various faiths including Pope John XXIII.

Coming Events:
Sunday, March 11th at 4:30pm, Sr. Mary Collins, OSB.  She is Prioress of St. Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas and has
written and lectured extensively on the liturgy.  She is an editor of "A New Dictionary of Theology" and author of "Contemplative
Participation: Sacrosanctum Concilium Twenty-five Years later

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