Creche 2000Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2000

On December 13th, Fr. Martin and Br. William went to New York City for the Oblates' meeting; Fr. Martin says mass for them with a conference and they share a meal together.  This year, the creche was designed by Juilana Calderone and Br. Bruno.  The octave of Christmas has many feastdays and on the feast of the Holy Innocents (Dec. 28th), we invite all the guests with children to sing Christmas Carols for a lively evening.

Coming Events:
Lecture Series: Sunday, January 28th at 4:30pm, AmoryHoughton.  Since 1987 he has been Congressman from the 31st New York District (which includes Elmira). Before going into politics, he had served as chairman of the board of Corning, Inc., and as director of the Episcopal Theological Seminary.  He will talk about his experiences and his hopes for the future.

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