Painting by Br. LukeMount Saviour Monastery

October 2000

On October 6th, the community ended a 12 day workshop on Psychological and Emotional Awareness, conducted by Br. Ronald Fogarty, a Marist Brother from Astralia.  When we can identify our feelings, it is easier to remain calm and choose the means to grow in a spirit of peace.  The self-knowledge is an on-going process for all ages.  On October 13th, Br. James Kelly had to reschedule his pilgrimage to the Holy Land because of the unrest.  On October 18, Br. Luke could display on his feastday, 5 newly framed paintings.  The colorful leaves are falling but the flowers on the canvas remain with us.  On Sunday afternoon, October 22nd. The monks sang Vespers and Compline at St. Peter and Paul church in Elmira for the 150th anniversary of that parish.  At the end of month, we retired one of our cars that had reached 170,000 miles; it was a gift with 94,000 miles of use when we received it.  We are grateful for all the support we receive in any form.

Christmas Chronicle:
We were able to mail our  Christmas Chronicle in a record time, this year.  With some of the news of the year, you will find the announcement of the festivities for the 50th anniversary of the monastery.

2001 is the Fiftieth Anniversary of the monastery, which will be celebrated with a series of talks and concerts under the theme of "The Contribution of Monastic Life to the Church and the World."  With the exception of the two concerts at the Clemens Center in downtown Elmira, all the talks will be held at the monastery and be followed by one of the hours of the Divine Office and then a reception with light refreshments.  Things do change, however, so it would be advisable to contact the monastery (607-734-1688) a few days before each event.  This will also help the community to plan for space at the talk and at the reception.  A full description of the participants can be found on the monastery web site.

Shopping on Line:
Thanks to Br. Bruno and Andy Siegl, you can select items from Mount Saviour Shop  .  We can contact you for further details as you will see on the special form on that site.

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