Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2000

The feast of the Transfiguration, Aug. 6th, marks the end of the Summer Program.  We used to have a picnic in the rose garden but the weather was not favorable.  The summer is the best season to paint; the Arts & Crafts building and part of St. John's received a coat of paint.  New windows were installed at St. Gertrude's.  We had the visit of Fr. Thomas Chisholm from St. Procopius Abbey in Illinois; he spent 6 months with us in the 70s.  A long-term guest, Fr. Ken Shaw, received an assignment at the Marian Shrine of Stony Point NY.  He spent many hours to maintain the grounds.  At the end of  the month, the road to St. Gertrude's was closed to be enlarged and paved.

Crowd (D-Day 2000)

Dedication Day:
Musicians (D.Day 2000)A large crowd attended our Dedication Day, on Aug. 20th.  Clare Smock, Peter Calderone, Laura Kahl and Bethany Kowalik  gave a well prepared recital.  The talented young musicians performed a variety of works to please the crowd.

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