Easter eggs by Helen Siegl            Mount Saviour Monastery

                            April 2000

Easter Season:
The Holy Week is always a special time at the monastery with a large number of guests and the preparation of the Easter celebration.  Our neighbor and oblate, Helen Siege, has been painting special eggs for each monk with all kinds of animals and flowers.  Although her medium is woodcut, she excelled is these miniature paintings.

Lambing Season:
On April 15, we had our first lambs.  We were apprehensive about the predators who had ravaged the fields in the past two years.  With a trapper on standby, our barking Bella (guard dog) and the 5 donkeys on the premises, we were spared.  We had fewer ewes (133) but they gave us more lambs than usual (240 lambs).  The weather and other factors were favorable, including God's providence.  We will have our shearing day on Friday, May 26.

Sheep 2000

Coming Events:
Shearing Day: Friday, May 26.  Mass will be at 7:00 a.m. combined with Lauds.
We sent our Annual Appeal  to announce our Dedication Day on August 20th

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