Br. Luke's Painting (Fall 99)            Mount Saviour Monastery

                  February 2000

90th Birthday:
On the first of February, the community had the rare privilege of celebrating Br. Luke's birthday after finishing an other beautiful painting.  His three sisters: Mary, Joan and Margaret were present with their sister-in-law, Margaret Pape, and two of her children.  We are grateful to Barbara Reiter who prepared a festive banquet with her daughter, Laura and Claire JohnsonMaureen Cadley and Marie Colucci graciously served at table.  The next day, we had a sort of "high tea" with three dozens of his friends from the area.  The picture shows Br. Luke with his sisters: Mary Mahood, Joan Pape and Margaret Morgan.

Br. Luke's sistersGuests:
This month, we received several groups in the guest house:  HartwickCollege, NazarethCollege and Cornell Catholic Community.  Some Sisters of St. Joseph from Rochester made their traditional retreat and invited us to share a meal with them at the guest house. On Feb.. 15th, Fr. Martin attended the annual meeting of the American Benedictine Abbots and Priors at the Abbey of Tepeyac, Mexico.

Hip Replacement:
Br. James Cronen ended the month at the hospital for a second hip replacement.  He is used to this "ritual" since his other hip was done three times.  He is pleased with the outcome and should be back home in a week.

Pilgrimage: The Road to Compostela
For many centuries, the great pilgrimage places for Christians were Rome Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela, where reportedly lie the bones of the son of a certain Zebedee, Saint James the apostle.  The tradition of making a pilgrimage goes back to the 9th century, and by the 1200's, Compostela ranked with Rome and Jerusalem as pilgrimage center.  Kings issued general safe conduct to foreigners and the Road to Compostela was given special protection.  In the Jubilee Year 2000, Compostela is a specially designated pilgrimage place and boasts its own Jubilee Door in the magnificent Romanesque Cathedral.
        Backed not by kinks, but by the Tour Operator - Europe at Cost - a group of pilgrims will leave the Benedictine Monastery of Mount Saviour by bus, to be joined by others in New York to fly to Paris.  We will spend two days in Paris, then travel by deluxe motor coach to Chartres to view the splendid windows.  Then on to the Loire Valley, where we will visit the beautiful Chateau of Chenonceau.  Next stop will be the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Benoit sur Loire.  We will now begin the official "Road to Compostela" beginning with the hilltop Cathedral of Vezeley - old and hauntingly beautiful.  We will travel one of the three traditional pilgrimage routes through central France across the Pyrenees into Spain.  We will make stops in LePuy and Conques in France, and Pamplona, Burgos, and Leon in Spain before arriving in Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain.
        This 14 day trip will leave on September 9, 2000 and return on September 23, 2000 and will include quality hotels with private baths, breakfast every day, and eight dinners.  The trip will be accompanied by one of the monks and experienced guides will escort us through each of these historied sites.  The cost of this once in a lifetime trip is $2690.00 per person in double occupancy.  There are limited number of singles available at a supplement of $475.00.  If you give us a mailing address, we can send you a more detailed itinerary, insurance packet, etc. to reserve by March 25th.  Please, join us on this pilgrimage.
        Fr. Martin

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